How Can You Access Symbols on the Galaxy Tab Onscreen Keyboard?


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To access symbols on a Galaxy Tab onscreen keyboard, touch the 123 key, which presents you with three additional keyboard layouts from which to choose. Touch either the 1/3, 2/3 or the 3/3 key to switch between the available layouts. Insert the symbols you are interested in, and then touch the ABC key to return to the standard alphabetic keyboard.

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You can also access special character symbols from the standard alphabetic keyboard. However, not every alphabetic key has a special symbol alternative. To access the special character symbols, touch and hold an alphabet key until a palette with a range of additional special characters appears. Touch any of the special characters to insert, and then touch the X button located on the side of the palette to close it.

The procedure may be slightly different for some models of the Galaxy Tab. For example, instead of the 123 key, you may have to touch the SYM key to switch to the symbols keyboard. Also, instead of three layouts, some models may present you with only two.

To configure the Galaxy Tab's on-screen keyboard, touch the key with the wheel symbol to access settings. This allows you to change options for features such as keyboard swiping, input languages, key-tap feedback and predictive text.

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