How Can You Access Online Information on Medical Terminology?


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Access online information about medical terminology by visiting sites such as WebMD.com, GlobalRPh.com, MediLexicon.com and DMU.edu, as of 2015. Each site contains links to pages that offer definitions of various terms along with explanations of the roots, prefixes and suffixes that comprise the terminology.

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WebMD.com features an online medical dictionary that covers many common medical terms and word elements, with an alphabetical navigation bar that allows users to quickly access different collections of terms. Clicking on a term loads a page that offers both a phonetic pronunciation of the term along with a simple explanation of its meaning. Each page also offers the ability to share the definition to Facebook and Twitter. The medical term dictionary on MediLexicon.com is more comprehensive than the one on WebMD.com, offering definitions for more specific and unique terms. However, the site does not provide pronunciation details.

GlobalRPh.com contains an extensive medical prefix and suffix dictionary that also includes definitions of different root medical terms. The site also contains an alphabetical search function to navigate terms. Rather than providing a static dictionary, DMU.edu offers a free online medical terminology course that allows students to learn about the meanings behind various terms, how professionals use them and what the different components mean. The course is also available offline through the iTunes U program.

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