What Can You Access at MyBoeing Express?

What Can You Access at MyBoeing Express?

At the MyBoeing Express website, you can access information about your benefits, providing you are a current Boeing employee, retiree or other participant. Boeing Express furnishes you with your secure log-on credentials, which include a company identification number and a Total Access password.

The MyBoeing Express website contains private details pertaining to each Boeing employee, including payroll information. You can track your incentives, performance, sick leave and vacation time. If you have health coverage or insurance, you can review this coverage as well as your accrued pension benefits and retirement savings.

MyBoeing Express also allows you to view available careers within Boeing, options concerning leave or life events and your employee discount, which is accepted at roughly 250 retailers. MyBoeing Express provides information about community giving and well-being resources, including family care, financial counseling, the Boeing Learning Together Program and the Boeing Employee Assistance Program.

The Learning Together Program offers tuition assistance to full-time and part-time Boeing employees after one year of company service. The Boeing Employee Assistance Program connects families with counseling discreetly and confidentially.

Your MyBoeing Express secure identification number, or BEMSID, is the first set of numbers to the right of the Boeing address ZIP code located on the back of your Boeing employee identification.