How Can You Access Macromedia Shockwave Player for Free?


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Access Macromedia Shockwave Player for free by visiting the program's page on Adobe.com and accessing the Downloads section, which contains options to download and install the program on different types of operating systems, as of 2015. The program is free to use and allows users to view video games and rich media through a Web browser rather than a standalone application.

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Macromedia Shockwave Player is a Web plug-in that gives users viewing access to multimedia presentations and video games made with the Adobe Director program or a select set of third-party applications that export files to the matching file formats. It is developed and maintained by Adobe and available through the Shockwave Player page on its website. The download tool on the site automatically detects the user's operating system, browser type and language preference to present the appropriate program, though users are able to choose alternate versions when necessary.

In order to download the program, users need to agree to the company's terms of use and either accept or decline optional offers to install additional software with the player. Users must launch the program to run its automatic installer, which adds the plug-in to the appropriate browsers and completes the necessary configurations. Macromedia Shockwave Player functions in a similar capacity to another of Adobe's Web plug-ins, the Flash Player. Both programs offer the same support for rendering graphics and interactivity.

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