How Can You Access the ISBN Database?


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As of 2015, access the ISBN database through a variety of websites such as ISBNDB.com, ISBNSearch.org and ISBNTools.com. The ISBN database contains information on all books that are registered with the system, and it is used to keep track of supply and commerce chains. The ISBN consists of either 10 or 13 digits, and each number represents a specific type of data.

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ISBNdb provides a relatively simple user interface that only requires visitors to enter ISBN number into the provided search bar. ISBNSearch.org features a similar minimal format. ISBNTools.com offers an FAQ section along with its search tool.

ISBN search tools usually offer a variety of categories for search criteria in addition to the ISBN number, such as specific keywords, author name, publisher or book title.

ISBN is an acronym for the International Standard Book Number, which was first introduced in 1970 and is managed by the International ISBN Agency. Prior to 2007, all ISBN codes were limited to only 10 digits, but any numbers assigned after Jan. 1, 2007 have 13 digits. Each ISBN code is assigned in the country where book is published, and the process generally varies between countries. The ISBN was developed by using the Standard Book Numbering format as a base.

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