How Can You Access Citrix Servers Online?


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The Citrix Receiver program lets users connect to a Citrix server over the Internet. This program is a free download that runs on Windows and Apple computers and Android and Apple smart devices.

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Citrix Receiver is designed to be easy to use and to operate seamlessly with the user's desktop, and it's the only way to access Citrix servers running a single app instead of an entire operating system. Organizations might require users to connect using Citrix Receiver. However, Citrix servers running full operating systems provide other means of connecting.

Servers running professional and enterprise versions of Windows also have Microsoft's Remote Desktop server access as well, and configuring a router to point an open port or IP address to the virtual machine allows users to connect using this interface. Windows Remote assistance is another option, especially for quick fixes.

A quick option that's easy to install is Chrome Remote Desktop, which only requires the Chrome browser and the free plug-in. This option also works for Citrix servers running a graphical version of Linux. Users looking to connect to a server not running a graphical user interface can consider installing OpenSSH on the server to allow remote logins using a command line interface.

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