Can 802.11n WLAN Adapter Drivers Be Freely and Legally Downloaded?


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Software drivers for 802.11n WLAN adapters can be downloaded online legally and free of charge. Depending on the device's manufacturer, most software drivers are accessible directly from the original equipment manufacturer's website.

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When purchased in store or online, 802.11n wireless WLAN adapters come with a software installation disk. However, as computer hardware continues to progress into an era in which laptop and desktop machines lack a standard CD/DVD drive, customers increasingly need to obtain installation software from an online source. Fortunately, the majority of 802.11n wireless WLAN manufacturers provide digital downloads of its software, accessible directly from the Web. For example, CNET provides a comprehensive list of the manufacturer's current and past line of wireless 802.11n wireless WLAN and USB 2.0 adapter drivers that are easily and freely downloadable at any time.

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