Where Can You Take a 10-Key Typing Test?

Websites that offer a 10-key typing test include Official-Typing-Test.com, Learn2Type.com and 10KeyTest.net. Offical-Typing-Test.com has one-minute, three-minute and five-minute tests. These tests include numbers and symbols, and a ZIP code test on the site is numbers only.

Learn2Type.com tests the user in terms of speed and accuracy during the 10-key typing test. After taking the test, the website displays a performance evaluation along with the user's 10-key typing speed. The site also has an optional Ten Key Certificate available, which comes with an online 10-key speed verification as well as a professionally printed document. Learn2Type.com also allows the user to create an account to store test results, and it also provides performance graphs. This allows the user to monitor his data entry skill improvement over time.

10KeyTest.net is a very simply laid-out test that allows the user to take the test repeatedly. It is a free online test that asks the user to type in the lines of numbers followed by the Enter key at the end of each line. When the user completes the test, the site states the calculated keys per hour.

10KeyTest.com also has a 10-key typing test that calculates keystrokes per hour after the user completes the test.