What Is a Camera Wiring Diagram Useful For?


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Camera wiring diagrams and crossover cable diagrams guide the camera installer on how to correctly assemble the camera's regular network cable connectors as well as the crossover connectors. The diagrams give directions on which pin connects to a particular colored wire.

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The wiring diagram visually displays a set of instructions for the connection of standard network patch cables used to connect network video recorders and security cameras. The crossover wiring diagram gives the representation of the crossover pin functions.

The wiring and cabling are critical parts of the video system. The wiring needs to be done appropriately in sync with the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides the application diagram and the installation diagram. Based on the diagram, identify which end of the cable is for the digital video recorder and which end is for the camera.

The diagram clearly explains that the Bayonet Neill-Concelman male connector on the cable needs to be connected to the BNC female connector at the back of the digital video recorder. In addition, the BNC connector on the video cable needs to be connected to the BNC connector on the camera video. Plug in the RCA male power cable to the RCA female camera power cable, and plug in the female power cable end to the power supply.

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