Why Do You Get Calls From Random Cell Phone Numbers?


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Random callers are sometimes scammers, ones that steal phone numbers from online databases, notes the Federal Trade Commission. These scammers call people at random to gather information, steal identities and eventually money from each person they call. The FTC updates its technology often to battle against random caller scammers.

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Besides the occasional accidental call or friend with a new phone, most of the random callers are things called "bots," notes the FTC. Bots, or robocalls, are automated machines, that are either operated by one or more individuals, that call people's phones. These phone numbers are either purchased illegally or stolen from online databases.

Once a phone number is in the hand's of a scammer, the victim has a few options at their disposal. The most common approach is to deal with the calls, often by ignoring them on the spot. It is also important to note, if the call is a bot, be sure to quickly hang up as connecting to a real associate with often create an influx in the volume of calls. Another way is to file a complaint with the FTC. The FTC fights to lessen the issue of robocalls, and advocates victims of harassment to fill out a complaint form on the National Do Not Call Registry at donotcall.gov. The complaints are analyzed to help locate patterns of the robocalls, which can then be used push to end the problem.

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