How Do You Call Someone in France?


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To call a French telephone number from the United States, dial the U.S. exit code (011) followed by the country code for France (33) and the nine-digit telephone number you are trying to reach. Your call must be made from a line with international direct dialing enabled.

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  1. Dial the United States exit code

    On a landline telephone, dial the U.S. exit code (011) to access the international trunk line. If you are using a mobile phone, you can omit 011 by simply entering a plus (+) sign in its place. Your mobile carrier automatically knows that you are trying to make an international call.

  2. Dial the country code for France

    Immediately after 011, dial the international country code for France (33).

  3. Dial the area code and telephone number you are trying to reach

    Immediately after 33, dial the telephone number you wish to call. French numbers are commonly listed with a leading zero, such as with the fictional number 01 58 41 65 13. When listed in this manner, remember to drop the leading zero. If, after omitting the leading zero, the number you are calling begins with a six or a seven, take note that you are calling a mobile number and may incur a heftier fee.

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