What Is the Call & SMS Tracker App?

Call & SMS Tracker is an Android application that allows users to track incoming, outgoing and missed call details as well as remotely view the sent and received text messages. The application also shows the approximate location on the Google Map.

Users can download the Call & SMS Tracker app from Google Play to their Android devices. After download, open the application and register using a valid email address and a password. Click the displayed check box to enable tracking of calls and messages. To track locations, select the specified check box. The app does not automatically transfer the details from the mobile device to the server. Users need to log in to their accounts on the website CallSmsTracker.com and click on Get Details to access the data from the cell phone.

This application allows users to export the tracked data as excel or text and to delete the stored data. The application’s automated system emails a summary of call log and messaging details to the users at the end of a day. The app can collect location details with or without the global positioning system. In the absence of GPS, the app collects location data using the phone’s general packet radio service and Wi-Fi network.