How Do You Call a Phone Number in the United States for Free?

Call a U.S. phone number for free using apps and programs such as Google Voice, magicJack and FreedomPop. These services allow users to make free calls from their computers and mobile devices.

Google Voice is a free app available for the computer and iOS and Android devices. The program acts as an organizing and forwarding service for users with multiple phone numbers, allowing all of the numbers to be funneled into a unique Google Voice phone number. The service also lets users make free calls to real phone numbers and other digital Google Voice numbers in both the United States and Canada. Phone calls on Google Voice are limited to three hours, but users are allowed to hang up and call the same number again immediately.

The phone app magicJack is available for Android and iOS devices, but not desktop computers. This app allows users to make free calls to phone numbers in the United States and Canada and free calls to other magicJack users anywhere in the world. Users with magicJack can also receive calls from real phone numbers. The app imports contact lists, making it easy to call numbers already saved in a phone.

FreedomPop is a phone app that offers 500 free minutes of talk time each month. Available for iOS and Android, the app allows free calls to phone numbers in the United States and to other FreedomPop users anywhere in the world. The service allows free texting and voice messaging.