How Do You Find the Calibration Settings for a Samsung TV?

To find the calibration settings for a Samsung television, refer to the particular model user manual. There are several settings that configure the lighting, color, motion quality and other picture elements. The calibration settings are present in the picture settings menu of the television.

Press the Menu button on the remote and select the Picture option to enter the picture settings menu. It provides a list of options that include picture mode, contrast, brightness, backlight, color, sharpness, advanced settings, tint and other picture options.

To choose from various pre-programmed settings, select the picture mode. Every model has different pre-programmed setting options. Selecting a desired picture mode makes fine-tuning the image relatively easier. Next, to adjust the pixel brightness, choose the backlight setting option, and adjust it to change the overall brightness of the screen.

To adjust the screen contrast, select the contrast option from the picture settings menu, and adjust it to a desired setting. Use the brightness option to adjust the brightness of the image without impacting the power consumption and backlighting. Select the sharpness option, and adjust it to vary the sharpness or dullness of the edges of the image.

Choose the color option, and adjust it to obtain the desired color saturation of the image. To adjust the red or green saturation of the image, vary the tint setting.