How Do You Calibrate Your Sony Television to Get the Best Picture Possible?


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To calibrate the picture on a Sony television, you can choose from a preset setting or manually adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness and other levels. Menu navigation and available options vary by model, and you can find documentation and support for your specific model on Sony’s official support website. You can also hire a professional to optimize your settings, and some retailers offer in-store calibrations with new purchases.

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Select THX, ISF expert, cinema or standard built-in preset options when available as a starting point for configuration. Avoid bright and color-saturated preset options, such as vivid and dynamic, as the manufacturer optimizes these settings for retail displays.

Use the brightness setting to adjust the black level. On-screen test patterns allow you to adjust how dark the display is without sacrificing details. Conversely, the contrast setting similarly adjusts the white level of the display. Adjust the color saturation to change the color intensity. You can use your own preferences to determine the optimum level or download a mobile app or purchase a Blu-ray disc with calibration tools for more precise adjustments.

Optimal settings can vary based on the ambient light and colors in the room, and these conditions vary based on time of day. For models that support multiple custom presets, different settings for daytime and night-time viewing can optimize picture quality regardless of the time of day.

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