How Do You Calibrate Your LCD or Plasma Television to Get the Best Image Quality?


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For the best image quality in an LCD or plasma television, ensure that the picture color matches that of the room. To achieve this, choose the ideal configuration mode, which brightens the picture without altering the Brightness and Contrast settings.

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First, ensure that you have the right connections on your TV. Set the HDMI connection as the default because its digital delivery system provides the cleanest images, and set the HD resolution to automatic rather than its usual default position.

Avoid Overcontrast because it makes colors unnaturally vibrant and can cause problems with screen burn. Generally, contrast settings should not exceed 70 to 80 percent of their maximum value. Also, check the color settings so as to avoid a picture that makes human figures appear sunburned or amplifies colors to cartoonish extremes. The factory settings for color are usually close to where they should be. Keep the backlight and brightness levels at 40 to 50 percent of their maximum value to get deeper, richer and more natural-looking black colours.

Turn off Overscanning by reproducing HD sources pixels rather than zooming them in to push the edges of the image off the edge of the screen. Overscanning leads to loss of a little real picture information and sharpness.

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