What Are Some Free Calculators You Can Download?

What Are Some Free Calculators You Can Download?

SpeedCrunch, Microsoft Mathematics, CalcTape, CalcCute and SuperbCalc are all free calculators that can be downloaded on a PC. They all have different features and varying complexity, so choice depends on the task and the familiarity of the user with mathematics.

SpeedCrunch is an advanced scientific calculator with a long list of constants, functions and variables to use. There is also a math book available containing useful information about how to calculate certain variables. The features available in this calculator may be too complicated for some users when solving simple math problems.

CalcTape is a simpler calculator that uses an interface very similar to the Windows calculator included with the Windows operating system. CalcTape uses a ribbon menu resembling the one in Microsoft Office, and it can solve simple mathematical problems but perform some advanced operations as well.

CalcCute is another free calculator that can perform basic or scientific calculations. The interface lacks the typical menu bar, but the program features a help menu. There is also the possibility to expand the tape to perform live edits.

SuperbCalc is considered a financial calculator. The tape of this program can be printed and saved, and it uses unlimited length. There is also the option to customize the size and appearance of the tape, changing how the output of the calculator looks.