What Is a CAGE Code Finder?

A Commercial and Government Entity, or CAGE, code finder is a search tool used to locate organizations looking to do business or that are already doing business with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. This code is a five-digit identifier that can include letters or numbers. Each country has a unique set of codes associated with organizations based there. Finding a specific organization may be restricted by local or foreign laws.

CAGE codes are used primarily by NATO to identify suppliers and partner organizations and to list the information about them in associated databases. These codes are part of the NATO Codification System that is used to identify and classify items used in supply. A CAGE code might be used to indicate which country and organization a supply shipment should go to, in much the same way postal systems work in most of the world.

Entities assigned a CAGE code sometimes have information such as phone numbers, contact names and addresses associated with them. As of 2014, there are approximately 1.5 million entities cataloged within the CAGE code databases.

In the past, the CAGE code system has been known as the Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers and an individual CAGE number was called a Code Identification Number.