How Do You View Cache Files?


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To view an Internet browser's cache, navigate the browser's settings or options to the list of cached files. To open a file with a ".cache" extension, use the computer's associated program or a text editor.

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Internet browsers store some webpages and other downloaded data in a cache on the computer's local hard drive for quicker access in the future. Users can clear this cache or view the files in it. In Firefox 42 and Google Chrome 47, for example, users can view cache files by typing "about:cache" into the address bar. Chrome lists all cached files in the browser window. In Firefox, users can click List Cache Entries or open the storage disk location in a file explorer to view the files. To view cached files in Internet Explorer 9, click View Files in the Browser History Settings dialog box under Internet Options.

To view a ".cache" file, double click on the file to let the computer automatically open it using an associated program. If no program is associated, try the file in a text editor, such as Notepad. Open the text editor, and drag the file into it. Depending on the nature of the cache file, parts of the text may be scrambled or otherwise unreadable. Cache files are generally intended for internal computer use and are not designed to be viewed by users.

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