What Is C Scope?


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Cscope is a tool for browsing C source files and enables the user to search for specific elements of code or database information. It offers interactive capabilities and a screen-oriented tool that makes searching for code easy for users.

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The Cscope tool offers many options, such as ignoring letter case, using only ASCII characters when cross-referencing and the option to not compress data. When using this tool, users notice that it will build a cross-reference list of possible code or other information. Then it will rebuild that same list so that the user can cross-reference it. When the cross-reference list is built, the data is copied so that cross-referencing is faster and easier.

Cscope looks for variables, preprocessor symbols, function calls, macros and other functions in the directories specified by the user. Cscope works on any information database, and it was licensed in April 2010 under the BSD open source license. Anyone who can learn how to use the tool is welcome to do so to learn code or find and change it.

Most who use Cscope use it to find information, not just code, so that they can later reference it, change it or reorganize the file in an easier and faster way.

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