How Do You Bypass a Barracuda Web Filter?

Bypass a Barracuda Web Filter using a proxy server, such as Site2Unblock, Video Proxy or Google Translate. A proxy server establishes an intermediary between your Internet service provider and the local network server, allowing you to open blocked websites.

At, type in the address of the website that you want to visit. The website displays within the Site2Unblock frame. Video proxies tend to limit your capabilities on certain sites, and links or videos may be inactive.

You can potentially play videos on blocked sites by using a video proxy. At, type in the address of the blocked website where you want to watch videos. This is hit or miss, and some websites are more compatible with the video proxy environment than others. Even when video proxies enable you to play videos, the use of a remote, third-party server slows down video play speeds.

Google Translate is tethered to a proxy server. Whenever you type text into Google Translate and translate the text into another language, the translated result amounts to the product of a proxy server, including typed-in links. Type a web address of a blocked website into the translation box on Select the translation language, and click the translated link.

Google Translate opens the blocked website, translated into any language you select. The links are active, but videos may not play depending on the website.