How Do You Buy Used Ham Radio Equipment?

To buy used ham radio equipment, look on websites such as, and Used ham radio equipment is also available from On all of these websites, search for only used inventory, as all sell new inventory, too. features used ham radio equipment and has brands such as Yaesu, Mirage, Heil Sound and Icom America. The website lists the available used equipment by manufacturer, but other information is available, including the model number, location and price.

It is also possible to find used ham radio equipment on Refine search results by clicking the used condition category, and further refine by price, location and delivery option. Keep in mind that some listings on are auctions, which require bids instead of purchasing immediately. also carries used ham radio equipment, but also has opened new equipment, which is available for a discount. The website lists the items by name, location, brand and price. The company advises buyers to call the store before placing an online order to ensure the item is in stock. also carries both new and used ham radio equipment, so make sure to refine search results by used items only. The website has an online catalogue where buyers can search for specific parts, or by the manufacturer. Search results feature photos, price, specifications and other information.