How Do You Buy a Rebtel Phone Card?

How Do You Buy a Rebtel Phone Card?

To purchase Rebtel calling credit, create an account, download the app on an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, and then add credit online through the account. Rebtel does not sell physical phone cards but provides calling services using VOIP to make calls over Wi-Fi, 3G or a local number.

Rebtel users can pay for calling service using a debit or credit card, PayPal, Ukash or Skrill. To purchase credit, log on to a Rebtel account and click Add Credit. From the next screen, either add regular credit in a fixed amount, or purchase a deal for a particular destination. Since Rebtel is a prepaid service, users must have existing credit before placing calls.

Users can purchase calling credit packages with discounted rates to over 100 countries. Packages are available in Big Saver and Max Saver bundles. Package minutes cost less per minute but must be used within 30 days of purchase. Flexible Rebtel credit expires after one year.

Rebtel does not sell vouchers, but they are occasionally available to users through special promotions via email and social media.

Rebtel does not have connection fees or periodic maintenance fees. The app is free. Rebtel offers users one free call to test the service. After that, the only charges for the service are prepaid calling minutes for subsequent calls.