Where Do You Buy a NAO Robot?

NAO robots can be purchased from RobotsLAB.com in North America and from GenerationRobots.com in Europe. As of April 2015, the NAO robot can be purchased for less than $8,000.

The NAO is an advanced humanoid-style robot that is used worldwide in education and research. It became available for purchase by the public in March 2014. The NAO robot is considered ideal for assisting in STEM-related concepts from beginning to advanced levels. NAO robots have a variety of specialized sensors, including tactile sensors, ultrasonic sensors, two HD cameras, four microphones and more. The NAO robot is powered by an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz main processor and a secondary ARM-9 processor located in the chest. A solid-state drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wired network connectivity complement the NAO robot.

RobotsLab is the official U.S. distributor of Nao robots. It sells the Nao robot in two colors: blue and red. The site provides documentation for researchers and high schools, as well as software data sheets and a curriculum for science classes.

Nao supports programming in several popular programming languages, including Java, C++ and Python. It also features Choregraphe, a drag-and-drop programming interface for beginning users who are not comfortable directly writing code. Nao also includes advanced simulation software.

Nao is used in classrooms to teach programming and robotics. Beginner students use Choregraphe to easily coordinate preprogrammed behaviors. More advanced students can program their own behaviors and save them to libraries for later use. The simulation software allows these advanced students to test commands and simulate their effects on Nao's behavior before saving them.

Nao robot units have a set retail price, but specialized price quotes are available to schools. These quotes include a price for robots, training for teachers, curriculum materials, software development services, consulting and robot maintenance.