How Do You Buy a Download of Photoshop?

How Do You Buy a Download of Photoshop?

To purchase and download a copy of Adobe Photoshop, go to and click on the Menu link in the upper right portion of the Web page. Select Photoshop from the pop-up menu, click Buy, and follow the prompts.

When downloading a copy of Adobe Photoshop, also register for a Creative Cloud account. The pricing levels differ for individuals, businesses, students and teachers, and school and university clients. First, select your type of account. Provide your First and Last name, a current email address, a password, and your country, then click next. The password must include both lower and upper case characters, include at least one number or symbol, and be at least eight characters long. In order to sign up, you must agree that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After completing all mandatory fields, click the Register button.

Once you receive your confirmation email from Adobe and download the Creative Cloud application, you can install Photoshop.

The subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud also includes access to additional high-value Adobe programs, such as Lightroom, Illustrator, inDesign, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver and more.

In addition to offering computer programs, Adobe provides a social networking platform called Behance. Graphic designers using Photoshop can connect with potential clients and other designers using Behance.