How Do I Burn an NRG File?

How Do I Burn an NRG File?

Burn an NRG file using a disc image burner. From PowerISO to Nero, these programs provide options for importing ISO and NRG files and burning them to a CD or a DVD. Tools you need include an NRG file and a burning software installed on your computer.

  1. Download and install a burner

    Download PowerISO or a similar burning program to your computer. Follow the instructions for installation. Open the program once it has installed.

  2. Import the NRG file

    With the PowerISO software open, click Burn on the toolbar. Alternatively, select Tools, and click Burn Menu. PowerISO then reveals a window with a new set of options for burning video files. Look for the Burn NRG File dialog, and click the button to import the NRG file from its source folder.

  3. Select your burn options

    Select the burning drive and speed for the NRG file. Set the speed to auto for fast drives or 4X for slower drives. Slower burn speeds result in less errors during the burn process.

  4. Click Burn

    Click Burn once you have the settings you desire. Wait a few minutes for PowerISO to complete the task. The disc tray should open once it finishes burning the file.