How Do You Burn an MP4 to Disc to Play in a DVD Player?

In order to burn an MP4 to a DVD that will play in a standard DVD player, a burning program, a blank DVD and a DVD burner are required. Not all DVD burning programs are capable of burning MP4 files, so check the compatibility before installing the program.

Windows users have the option of using the Windows DVD Maker program pre-installed with the operating system, but require a codec to enable burning an MP4 file. Mac users must download a program that offers MP4 burning capabilities. Follow the steps below to download an MP4 file to DVD.

  1. Install program or codec
  2. If using Windows DVD Maker, an MP4 codec must be downloaded and installed before opening the program to start the burning project. If downloading burning software to burn the files, follow the instructions associated with the program.

  3. Launch the program
  4. Launch the program and either click "Import" or drag the MP4 file into the program. The file will load automatically.

  5. Insert a DVD into the DVD burner
  6. Insert a blank DVD into the burner and select "Burn" to open the output setting dialogue box. Select "Burn to Disc" and click 'Start' to begin the process. Once the project is complete, remove the disc and place it in a DVD player to test.