How Do You Burn Movie Files to a DVD Using Cyberlink DVD Suite?


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Burning movie files to a DVD using Cyberlink DVD suite begins with preparing the DVD. Open a Cyberlink DVD solution, and choose the Cyberlink power starter menu. Pick the type of DVD you intend to create and the process of burning the disk.

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  1. Prepare the DVD

    Select the Cyberlink power starter menu, and select the DVD you want to create. The common options include data DVDs, burning disc images, burning video DVDs and burning DVD folders. Select the appropriate icon from the Cyberlink power starter menu depending on the file you want to burn.

  2. Burn the video DVD

    Click on the "Video" button on the power starter menu, and select the "Make a Video" option. Change any necessary settings by clicking on the "Preferences" button. You can configure the settings for onscreen video capture by clicking on the "Project" button. Import your video files into your file by clicking on the "Video Files."

  3. Configure your movie file

    Click the scene on DVD and the Photos tabs to include the photos and video scenes to your file. Begin the onscreen video capture by clicking on "Video" under the "Capture" menu. To edit the clips and chapters, select the "Edit" option. You can create a slideshow from photos by clicking on the "Photo Slideshow" option.

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