How Do I Burn an MDF File With Nero?


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To burn an MDF file with Nero 6, make file extensions visible in the Folder Options window, and change the MDF file extension into ISO. Once the extension is modified, use Nero 6 to locate the ISO file, and burn it onto a blank CD or DVD.

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  1. Make file extensions visible

    Click on the Start button, and select the Control Panel option. If the Control Panel elements are listed as categories, click on the Appearance and Personalization link, and click on Folder Options. If the elements are listed as icons, click on Folder Options immediately. Select the View tab, click on the option labeled Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives, and click on OK.

  2. Change the file extensions

    Navigate to the folder containing the MDF file, right-click on it, and select the Rename option from the drop-down menu. Use your mouse pointer to mark the MDF part of the file name, and press the Delete key. Type in “iso” in its place, and press Enter. Click on OK once the warning prompt pops up.

  3. Burn the modified MDF file

    Start Nero, 6 and select the Burn Image to Disc option in the Copy and Backup category. Use the explorer window to navigate to the modified MDF file, click on it, and click on the Open button. Put in a blank CD or DVD, depending on the size of the MDF file, and select the destination drive. Modify the writing speed to your liking, and click on Next. Wait for the burning process to complete, and click OK.

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