How Do You Burn an ISO File on Windows 7?

How Do You Burn an ISO File on Windows 7?

An ISO file on Windows 7 can be burned using Windows Disc Image Burner, which comes pre-installed on the operating system. To get started, you only need to have a blank CD or a DVD in the disc tray and the file on the computer.

  1. Insert the blank CD or DVD

    Press the button on the front of the disc drive, which is located on the side of a laptop or at the front of a computer tower. If you have an all-in-one computer, locate the disc drive on the side of the monitor. Insert the disc, and close the tray.

  2. Navigate to Computer

    Press the Start button on the Windows taskbar. When the menu opens, click Computer in the list on the right.

  3. Open the file's location

    Open a new Explorer window, and navigate to the ISO file. Double-click the ISO to start the process.

  4. Select the burner

    After double-clicking the ISO, select the burner from the list. If you have no other burner installed on the computer, just use Windows Disc Image Burner.

  5. Verify and burn the disc

    Click the Verify After Burning check box to make sure everything worked correctly during the burn. Next, click the Burn button. The disc tray should open once the burning completes.