How Do You Burn a CD on a Mac?

How Do You Burn a CD on a Mac?

To burn a CD onto a Mac computer, insert a blank CD into the optical drive. From the Finder, open the blank CD folder. Drag and drop the files you want to burn into the blank CD folder, and activate the burn process.

  1. Open the CD folder in Finder

    Insert a blank, writable CD into your Mac's optical drive. If the CD folder does not automatically appear, click the Finder icon located in your Mac's dock. Click the blank CD located in the left navigation pane.

  2. Rename the CD

    Rename the CD by selecting the text of the CD icon labeled Untitled CD. Type in a new name for the CD.

  3. Add files you want to burn

    Locate the files you want to burn. Click File and then New Finder Window to open a new interface for finding those files. Drag the files from their original location into the blank CD folder.

  4. Burn the files onto the CD

    In the blank CD folder window, click File and then Burn Disc. Alternatively, click the Burn button in the upper-right corner of the folder window. Wait for the files to burn onto the CD. The amount of time it takes to burn the CD depends on the speed of your optical drive and the amount of data you are burning.