Are Burmese Videos and DVDs Available in PAL Format?


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Burma is one of the few Asian countries that use the National Television System Committee, or NTSC, video standard, alongside Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and Japan. All other Asian countries use the Phase Alternation by Line, or PAL, format.

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Both DVDs and VHS videos are either produced in PAL or NTSC format. The NTSC broadcast system was adopted in 1953 while PAL was adopted in 1967. The two color encoding systems directly affect the quality of the visual content viewed on analog televisions. Only double-standard DVD and video players support both PAL and NTSC systems. Aside from the two major standards, there is a third standard known as Sequential Color with Memory or Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire, or SECAM, which is mostly used in France and Eastern Europe.

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