How Do You Build a Subwoofer Box?

How Do You Build a Subwoofer Box?

To build a subwoofer box for a car, cut the pieces of fiberboard, cut out a hole, fasten everything together and install the subwoofer. Be sure to measure both the space in the car as well as the subwoofer to ensure the fiberboard pieces are the correct size.

To get a smooth, deep bass sound from a car's stereo, one needs a proper enclosure for the subwoofer. The only supplies needed are three-quarter inch medium density fiberboard, a jigsaw, drywall and sheet metal screws, carpenter's glue and caulk.

  1. Measure the dimensions
  2. Measure the depth of the subwoofer and its mounting plate to determine the depth, height and width. Measure the space in the car in which the box will go. Sketch the box, and use those dimensions to cut the pieces of fiberboard.

  3. Measure and cut the holes for the subwoofer
  4. Use a compass to trace a circle for the subwoofer on the piece of fiberboard for the front of the box. If the subwoofer came with a template, use that to trace. Use a jigsaw to cut out the circle. Cut a rectangular shape in the back panel for the terminal cup, and then attach the cup with metal screws and seal with caulk.

  5. Put it all together
  6. Pre-drill holes for the screws in the panels and put the box together. Do the sides first, then the top and bottom last. Use carpenter's glue to help secure the joints. Make sure the box is square, drop in the subwoofer and secure with screws.