How Do You Build a Speaker Box Enclosure?


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To build a speaker box enclosure, collect the measurements needed for the type of speaker and the space in which the box is going to reside. Decide on the shape of the box and the type of wood needed, then cut the material to the determined dimensions. Glue the box together and allow it to dry, then apply silicone to each corner to secure, and decorate if desired. Place the speakers securely into the box.

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When choosing the material from which to make the speaker box, keep in mind that fiberboard better minimizes panel vibrations. A 5/8-inch thick piece of fiberboard is suitable for small volume projects, while 3/4-inch thick pieces are preferred for larger volumes. After cutting the materials to the measured dimensions, use a driver in order to create a hole to accommodate the speaker.

Begin the build by placing a line of carpenter's glue on one of the box's side pieces, and then press it to the bottom piece. Do so for the remaining sides, leaving the top off. Fill each corner with silicone in order to make it airtight, and then glue on the top piece. If desired, decorate the fiberboard with carpeting or vinyl; apply this with the help of spray adhesive. Wait 12 hours for everything to dry, and then add the speaker.

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