How Do You Build a Router Table?


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To build a simple router table, screw a router to a piece of scrap plywood or medium-density fiberboard and turn it upside down. This creates a basic router table that can create edge profiles, such as ogees and roundovers, and cut joinery such as rabbets and dadoes.

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Start by unscrewing the plate at the bottom of a handheld router. Use a piece of plywood, and drill a hole big enough for the router bit that you want to use. Make this hole somewhere near the one of the ends of the piece of plywood. Position the handheld router so that the bit is centered on the opening, and mark the screwholes with an awl and hammer. Drill and countersink the holes to attach the router. The countersinking is crucial to ensure that the screw heads are sunk beneath the surface as not to interfere with the gliding work pieces.

After this, screw the handheld router to the plywood, turn the entire piece over, and clamp it to the end of a worktable. The fence or edging to guide the gliding pieces is also clamped to the top of the table. This simple router table works best for small jobs such as making boxes or small cabinets. Larger bits require a sturdier table to be used effectively.

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