How Do You Build an AM Radio Antenna?

build-am-radio-antenna Credit: WIN-Initiative/WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

To build an AM radio antenna, use three wooden planks, a 22-American-gauge wire, insulated solid wire and a radio. Begin by building and wiring the frame, create the terminal, and then connect the antenna to your radio. The radio must have a terminal where stripped wire can be attached.

  1. Make the frame

    Use one wooden platform as the base. The size of the base does not matter as long as it is large and strong enough to hold the rest of the frame. Attach a plank that is 17 inches long to the center of the base using nails. Attach another plank of the same size to the center of the first plank, forming a cross.

  2. Wire the frame

    Push the center of the insulated wire under the crease where the base meets the first plank. Move the ends of the wire in opposite directions around the frame cross. Loop the wire around the cross four times.

  3. Create the terminal

    Bring the ends of the wire to the base, and twist them together about two turns per inch. Continue twisting until all of the wire is in place, then use wire strippers to take off the insulation at the last inch.

  4. Attach the antenna

    Bring the radio to the antenna, and find the AM terminal. Push the stripped wires into the AM terminal. Turn on the radio, and adjust the dial. Toggle the wire until the signal is clear.