What Is a Bright House My Services Account?


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A Bright House "My Services" account gives a customer access to their billing information, voice mail for their home phone, manage DVR programming, watch select channels from anywhere and allows them to download the Easy Gadget app. When signing up for the "My Services" account on the Bright House website, users must select their area by entering a ZIP code in the top right corner of the page.

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In order to start a Bright House "My Services" account, customers must register on the website. Customers must enter their ZIP code, a valid email address, account information that is found on the Bright House statement, customer code if one is available and they must create a username and password. The site provides security questions that must be answered, and the terms and conditions of use must be read and agreed to before completing the process.

Once a customer has registered, they can download the BHN app if they wish to use the "My Services" features from their cell phone or other mobile device. Other apps available for download for registered "My Services" account holders on the Bright House website include Bright House TV App, that enables television shows to stream on mobile devices, Remote DVR, where users can program shows to their home DVR from any mobile device or computer and Easy Gadget, an app that allows customers to send and receive texts using their Bright House phone number.

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