What Are Some Brick-and-Mortar Stores That Sell Kindles?

What Are Some Brick-and-Mortar Stores That Sell Kindles?

Best Buy and Staples carry various Kindle models in their physical stores. Gamestop carries used electronics, and many Gamestop locations carry various used Kindle models purchased from their customers.

Best Buy carries a large variety of Kindle models, and most Best Buy locations keep sample models on their sales floors to allow consumers to try out the features before purchasing. Best Buy Mobile locations, which specialize in mobile phones and accessories, also carry Kindles.

Staples' in-store selection is limited compared to Best Buy. Gamestop's selection is dependent on what the store receives in trade-ins from its customers, but consumers can check in-store availability for certain Kindle models on Gamestop's website.

Local, independently owned used electronic stores may also carry Kindle models if they have received them in trade-in. Consumers who live near independent used electronics stores can find out what they have in stock by calling the stores or contacting them via email or social media.

When deciding on the model to purchase, consumers should evaluate their needs. If needed exclusively for reading, purchasing a Kindle using electronic ink technology is ideal as it simulates the look of a paper page. Some electronic ink Kindles have lights to aid in reading in dark conditions. The Kindle Fire line of tablets includes features such as LCD screens good for reading, Web browsing, videos and games.