What Are Some Brands of Wireless Wi-Fi Network Adapters?


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Some Wi-Fi network adapter brands include Plugable, TP-LINK and Anker. There are many other Wi-Fi network adapter brands, and many different forms that these network adapters come in. Companies such as Panda, Cable Matters and Net-Dyn make small USB Wi-Fi network adapters for use on desktop and laptop computers. Other companies create adapters designed to fit inside of desktop computers, attaching directly to the motherboard.

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Wi-Fi network adapters take on many different colors and forms depending on the company that they are purchased from. Network adapters that plug in via USB may be small and take up very little room. Others are larger and include adjustable antennae to help improve network connectivity and speed. Some USB Wi-Fi network adapters include extensions that allow them to be mounted to a wall or placed in a convenient location.

Wi-Fi network adapters for desktop computers are installed directly on the motherboard and stay inside the computer case. Some of these adapters have an external antenna much like their USB counterparts. Choosing whether to use a USB or internal Wi-Fi network adapter depends on a user's unique situation. Some factors that go into this decision include whether the computer is moved around a lot and how many free USB ports are on the machine.

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