What Are Some Brands of File Transfer Software?

What Are Some Brands of File Transfer Software?

Some popular brands of software for file transfer are SmartFTP Client, Cute FTP, FTP Voyager, FlashFXP and FileZilla. File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a procedure to exchange files over a network. FTP software allows a user to run an FTP server and then transfer files to and from that server.

SmartFTP supports basic drag-and-drop transfers, but it also allows background file transfers, multiple FTP connections, passive-mode transfers, site-to-site transfers, and connections via proxy. Users can schedule downloads or uploads to more than one server.

Cute FTP has a number of strengths, including mobility, global communication and strong security. The program features TappIn, a secure mobile file-sharing application that allows users to securely access and share files on a server with any device, including laptops, smart phones and tablets.

FTP Voyager stresses ease of use and a fully customizable interface. Users can limit the number of visible features and swap out a small, cramped toolbar with a larger, more universal one by using a feature called Simple Mode.

FlashFXP offers unique features not found in other FTP software, such as speed limiting, server file searching, remote editing with automatic uploading, automated transfer scheduling with email notifications and priority transfer lists. The product has a customizable interface available in over 20 languages.

FileZilla is an intuitive program that has numerous tools to upload and download files between a local computer and a server on which a site is hosted. Compared to other programs that cost that between $29.95 and $59.99 to buy, FileZilla is free as of 2015.