What Brands of Cell Phones Work With the Magic Jack Cell Phone App?

The magicJack mobile app, known as magicApp, is compatible with any brand of phone running Google's Android operating system version 2.3 or above, and with Apple iPhones with iOS 6 or above. Popular brands of Android phones include Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC.

The magicJack app functions with most Android and iOS powered devices, including both phones and tablets. Customers can use their existing account and magicJack phone number on any compatible device with magicApp installed. The magicApp can be used on a tablet to make and receive phone calls in the same way that it is used on smart phones over Wi-Fi.

The magicApp allows customers to make free calls to the United States and Canada. International calling is available with the purchase of calling credits or with an international calling plan. As of April 2015, magicJack plans cost between $5 for a single month and $100 for a 5-year service plan. MagicJack service is available at discounted rates or for free with the purchase of select magicJack hardware.

The magicJack service works using a technology called "voice over IP," which is the name given to voice communication over the Internet. VOIP service from magicJack mimics that of traditional phone service providers at a fraction of traditional phone service costs.