What Are Some Brands of Antivirus for Exchange Servers?


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GFI, Vircom, BitDefender and Symantec all produce antivirus software designed to run on Exchange and other mail servers. Server operating systems differ from consumer operating systems in key areas, and installing an antivirus program designed for a server environment is critical for keeping viruses from spreading through an Exchange server.

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The Microsoft Exchange email server application is a popular one used by many large and small companies across the world. Exchange runs on a Windows Server, and Exchange servers may deal with thousands or more emails every day. The proliferation of spam, viruses and malware through email is a serious problem for big businesses, which is why installing an antivirus program designed for an Exchange server is so important.

Exchange server antivirus programs are designed to handle large volumes of email. These programs often contain advanced malicious software scanning algorithms and advanced reporting features that help server administrators quickly read through reports generated by the software. Most brands of Exchange server antivirus software offer quick setups, advanced reporting and scanning features, and support for multiple versions of Exchange; some offer free trials as well. Occasionally, such as in the case of Vircom, the antivirus software may be a combination of software from multiple antivirus vendors. This strengthens the defense of the Exchange server and helps the antivirus software detect more threats.

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