Which Brand of LCD Televisions Is the Highest Rated?


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LCD televisions produced by manufacturers LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are rated as the best televisions available as of 2015 by consumer advocacy site ConsumerReports.org. Sharp and Vizio televisions also receive high ratings from Consumer Reports, though not as high as the televisions from the other four manufacturers.

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LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony LCD televisions all receive an A rating from Consumer Reports. The performance, feature set and reliability of these televisions have consistently been higher than those of other brands. Reviewers and consumers have reported more issues with Vizio and Sharp LCD televisions as compared to the top-tier brands, so these televisions received a B rating from Consumer Reports. However, the lower cost of Vizio and Sharp televisions make them an attractive choice for many buyers.

Consumer Reports has given a C+ rating to most of the other television brands it reviewed, such as Phillips, Toshiba and JVC. Though individual models may perform strongly, the quality of televisions from these manufacturers tends to be inconsistent as compared to the quality of sets from more highly-rated brands. These brands may also utilize lower-quality display panels than those used by the top-rated manufacturers, who often source their panels from the LCD manufacturing operations of LG and Samsung.

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