What Does BrainPOP Jr. Typically Cost?


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A BrainPOP Jr. subscription ranges from $99 a year to $1,200 a year as of 2015. The actual price of the subscription depends on whether it is being used at home or at school, and whether it is being used by students or by teachers and faculty.

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As of 2015, a BrainPOP Jr. Family Access subscription is $99 a year. A BrainPOP Jr. Homeschool subscription, used by parents as a teaching resource, is $160 a year. A BrainPOP Jr. subscription used by teachers in the classroom is also $160 a year. A subscription that allows an entire school access to BrainPOP Jr. is $1,200 a year. The BrainPOP website offers more information on pricing as well as information on financial aid for schools and school districts.

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