How Do You Boot a Laptop Into DOS?

Press the F8 key or the appropriate key for your laptop to boot it into safe mode with the DOS Command Prompt. The DOS Command Prompt provides a way to perform system diagnostics and repair errors in your operating system. It only takes a few seconds to bring up the DOS Command Prompt window.

  1. Restart the laptop

    Restart your laptop from the Start menu or by pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys and choosing Restart. Depending on which Windows version you use, you may have to select Shutdown before you can select the Restart option.

  2. Press the F8 key

    Press F8 before you see the Windows logo. If the logo appears, restart the computer. Pressing F8 at the correct time brings up the Windows Advanced Options Menu. This menu offers a few options for entering Windows, such as starting normally or using Safe Mode. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt, as this option provides a DOS window for inputting manual commands.

  3. Log in as the Administrator

    After choosing Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Windows loads and presents the login screen. Select the Administrator account. Signing in as the administrator grants you full access and permissions that secondary accounts do not have. Perform your system diagnostics, and restart normally.