How Do You Boot a Computer From a USB?

How Do You Boot a Computer From a USB?

To boot a computer from a USB drive, connect the USB device to the computer, restart the computer, press the F2 key on your keyboard to access the BIOS menu, then locate the boot option. Some computers require you to press the F10 or Del key to access the BIOS menu.

  1. Select the USB device displayed on the BIOS menu

    Use the direction keys on your keyboard to highlight the existing boot device, and then change it to USB mode. Some modern computers provide the name of the USB device, but older versions refer to it as a “Removable Device.”

  2. Save the changes, and exit the BIOS menu

    Click the Esc button on your keyboard to exit the BIOS menu. Select OK when a command prompt asks whether you want to save the changes before you leave, and wait for the computer to restart automatically before proceeding to the next step.

  3. Command the USB drive to operate on your computer

    To run the USB drive, use the command prompt that appears after the computer restarts. The installation process starts automatically when installing Windows 7 or 8. At this stage, the computer is running with the operating system installed in the USB drive.