How Do You Boost a WiFi Signal?

boost-wifi-signal Credit: lungstruck/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To boost Wi-Fi signal, purchase a range expander, and place it on the edge of the router's current range. The range expander takes a Wi-Fi signal farther than it can otherwise go.

  1. Purchase a range expander

    Also known as a Wi-Fi repeater, a range expander picks up a Wi-Fi signal and reflects it throughout your home. This boost allows you to bring your laptop or mobile device farther than usual, such as into your backyard.

  2. Place the range expander at the edge of the current range

    Place the range expander close to where the current signal runs out. The closer you place the expander to where the signal runs out, the further the new signal can extend.

  3. Test the Wi-Fi to confirm that you have boosted the signal

    Take your laptop or mobile device to a previously low-access area of your house, and check your new Wi-Fi signal to make sure it is now active. Test the signal in your yard as well.

  4. Replace your router antenna

    If the Wi-Fi range is still not far enough, upgrade your router's antenna. An upgrade extends the access point range farther, allowing you to place the extender a greater distance from the router and thereby increasing the overall range.

Range extenders are priced anywhere from 50 to 300 dollars. TheWirecutter, a tech review site, recommends the Netgear EX6200. This extender is about $100, and TheWirecutter has done lots of reviews and tests to have chosen it as the best. The Netgear extender is meant to extend your existing Wi-Fi network in your house or workplace. It works well in very large homes and even reaches into backyards, and eliminates "dead zones" inside your house.