How Do You Bookmark a Website?

How Do You Bookmark a Website?

To bookmark a website on Google Chrome, click the star symbol on the right side of the address bar. Title your bookmark by typing a name into the resulting text entry space, and click the Done button to place the new bookmark on the bookmark bar.

  1. Access the webpage you wish to bookmark

    Type the web address into the Google Chrome address bar, and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Wait for the page to load completely.

  2. Locate the star symbol on the address bar

    The star symbol is on the far right side of the Google Chrome web address bar. An empty outline of a star indicates that the website is not bookmarked.

  3. Click the star symbol

    Left-click the star symbol to open the Bookmark window. You have the option to type a name into the text box beside the Name heading to label your bookmark for better organization.

  4. Click the Done button

    Once you are satisfied with the name for your new bookmark, click the Done button. If space remains on the Google Chrome bookmark bar, your new bookmark appears as a button with the label you chose under the name text entry. The bookmark bar is directly below the address bar.