How Does the Bob's Discount Furniture Delivery Tracker Work?


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The delivery tracker tool on the Bob's Discount Furniture website allows customers to find out the location and approximate arrival time of outstanding orders through the use of GPS technology. It displays the estimated delivery time along with an estimation of when the package may arrive.

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To use the delivery tracker tool, a customer needs to enter in either the primary phone number associated with the order or her customer number. The customer number appears in the upper right area of the invoice for the order, and consists of a series of digits. Once a user enters this information, she is able to see an estimation of when the order is likely to show up at the destination along with a record of its check-in times at different postal stations. As of 2015, the tool only displays information about delivery location within two days prior to the original delivery date.

Once the two-day advance period begins, the customer receives a four-hour delivery time frame. The tool updates this time frame according to GPS data from the delivery truck, which takes into account factors such as traffic conditions and changes in weather. Bob's Discount Furniture also provides a support phone number so that customers may make inquiries regarding a delivery at any time.

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