How Do You View Blocked Websites?


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The best way to view blocked sites on the Internet is to either go through a proxy site or to log into a virtual private network. Proxy sites and virtual private networks change the IP address and location of where the site is being accessed from, allowing individuals to enter sites that may be blocked in their area.

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Some foreign countries like China have blocked certain websites, such as Facebook, for the entire country, and workplaces may have certain websites blocked for various reasons. The computer recognizes what country or network the website is trying to be accessed from and blocks the website from loading, but there are certain ways to bypass this if the website must be accessed.

  1. Use a proxy site
  2. A proxy site reroutes Internet usage through the site itself. This means that even if a user is in China, they can use a proxy site which will make the Internet think that they are in a different country. Proxy sites may require paid memberships, and a lot of sensitive information about a user's computer needs to be given for the proxy site to work.

  3. Use a virtual private network
  4. Virtual private networks work very similarly to proxy sites. They reroute the user's IP address to a different country. A free VPN for Google Chrome is ZenMate. Many schools offer virtual private networks to students for free, but others must be purchased on the Internet.

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